Our Disclaimer To Our Visitors

This is a brief disclaimer to our site visitors to cover two areas of importance related to these free sermons. First, keeping them free. Second, justification for the diverse theological views presented across these various speakers.

Free Content Will Remain Free

The purpose of this site is to freely provide our present generation with rare and vintage audio recordings of preachers from a past generation. We do not charge users to download sermons. You are free to share, burn to a DVD/CD, post on your own website/blog, or otherwise share all posted audio content. We would ask you retain the sermon in it’s entirety when sharing it, unless you are sampling it for a larger compilation piece, which is fine, but please attribute the source of the original audio used. All of our audio is free to distribute but may NOT be sold or repackaged in any form to be sold. So far as the site owner knows, no vintage audio on here is copywritten or ever was in it’s original form. If you know otherwise that a certain piece is copywritten please notify us immediately with the copyright terms and owner information.

Diverse Theological Views

It hardly needs to be said that Cornelius Van Til and Leonard Ravenhill, while both Godly men used of the Lord, come from very different theological backgrounds and schoolings. Other contrasts on this site would abound as well. The speakers on this site were not chosen due to some denominational leaning or specific theological camp. The preachers presented here, both those well known and little known, were men that evidenced a consuming passion for God and a ministry that exalted Christ Jesus above all else in their preaching and theology. These men showed they knew God, lived their life for God, and have much to still say to our generation about the God of the Bible. The site owner and supporting church, SGCC, do not necessarily adhere to every particular view presented by every speaker on this site, but provide these sermons both in the hopes they will yet be an encouragement to our weary generation, and also a useful historical resource of otherwise hard to find sermons and speakers.

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